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One Month Hiatus
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One Month Hiatus
[ emzi @ approximately 11:50 am]
06 May 2006

Mood: awake & sort of feeling sick =(

Weather: not too hot, not too cold

Sound: Justin talking on the phone & laundry in the dryer

Has it really been almost a month since I last updated? Wow. I suppose life has been so very unexciting lately -- indeed.

Work is the same old stuff, but yet stressful in a very criminal way. I just wish it would all be over with already.

In other exciting news...Justin and I are looking at buying a house! :) Our lease here is up in August and we just don't want to rent anymore. We're tired of wasting money on rent that would could be paying on a mortgage for a home that could someday be ours. Makes sense right?

We've also been working out for the past two weeks. It's refreshing and is really helping me with my weight loss. I'm hoping for a loss this week...I will keep you posted about that.

My sister, Amy, is home from college for the summer! I am so proud of her. She's finished her first year at Saint Mary-Of-The-Wood's College. :) So glad she's home though!

Hmm...What else? *thinking*

Oh! This week construction workers put a new roof on our apartment building. They are finished now, but has also failed to remove all of their trash from our balcony. It's not a lot of trash, but there are these huge staples that could go right through your foot if you stepped on them. It may not be a lot, but we shouldn't have to clean it up. And, I am not about to use the broom that I use in my home out on the balcony to sweep up all that nasty stuff. Nope, won't do it!

So, Justin said that we should clean it up and then bill the Apt Office for "Garbage Removal". Heck yes, we will.

Ok, well...That's about it for now. I'll try to be more prompt on my updating.

Have a good day.

Forever Yours <3 & })i({'s
Emzi - xoxo

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Name: Emily
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Age: 22
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